Our Haven Studios 

Before Our Haven Studios was born, we were widely known as Bombshell Boutique (and before that, Brass Bombshells), but there is one thing that will never change, the feeling of being Home.

A little bit of back story…

The name Our Haven actually came from within the community we already had. No matter where the studio was located, who was in it, what instructor was teaching, it was always referred to as a SAFE SPACE because there was never any judgement, never the sense of feeling like you have to be just as good as the person next to you. From the term ‘safe space’ came Our Haven and now here we are!

There have been countless times where the studio has been called a second home to its family members, because that is what we are, family. You are not our clients, the moment you step foot into a class you become a part of a community that is there for you, supports you, and loves you no matter what. That’s what family is right? At least according to google, the term ‘family’ is defined by “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household”. Well, Our Haven has parents, cousins, sisters, brothers, and everyone under the sun taking classes, so to me, that’s a family. 

As adults, we often forget that life is about more than just work and paying bills, life is about creating relationships with those we love. Relationships are the most important thing to us in our lives as they are the source of all our best memories. At the end of the day, we are not going to wish for more likes on our IG pages, we are going to wish we spent more time with the people we love. 

p.s. leave your drama with the llamas because we don’t want it.